Today in the city Waialua 24.06.2017
The rest of Wall Street is really underestimating Netflix's future earnings, one analyst says

Piper Jaffray told investors Netflix could generate profits double current Wall Street expectations for 2020 if the company’s international growth path follows its domestic business.

Barack Obama: We can’t hide behind a wall – video

Former US president says world leaders must help developing or conflict-ridden countries because it is not possible to hide from global responsibilities. Obama was speaking at a Protestant conference...

A Proposed New Tax, Mainly On Latinos, To Pay For Trump's Border Wall

It's called "The Border Wall Funding Act of 2017." And it would place a new tax on money being wired to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Barack Obama Throws Shade At Donald Trump: 'We Can't Hide Behind The Wall'

Former President Barack Obama subtly knocked his successor, President Donald Trump on Thursday, while explaining the importance of taking in refugees and immigrants in need. “In the eyes of...

11-Year-Old Hit by Car While Riding Skateboard

An 11-year-old Maine boy is being treated for life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a car while skateboarding.

Fracking, Now The Dominant Technology, Will Keep Oil Price Around $55: Goldman Sachs

Oil prices may rise or fall in the short-term, but they will return to a range of $55 to $65 in the long term because that's the price of oil from fracking shale wells, the Goldman Sachs head of resea...

Company to Shut Down Well Linked to Fatal Colorado Explosion

The company that owns a gas well linked to a fatal home explosion in Colorado says it will permanently shut down that well and two others in the neighborhood.

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